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With almost 50 million people uninsured or under insured, necessary laboratory tests can be very expensive. True Health LabsTM offer discounts up to 80% off common and advanced laboratory tests.

Here's how we do it:

Our doctors here at True Health Labs belong to a laboratory co-op service that negociates prices with the USA's leading laboratory. This is how we can offer cheap lab tests.

For example, if you were uninsured (or if your insurance denied you coverage) and needed your cholesterol levels tested it would cost you $93. Because of our bargaining power, we offer the identical test for $37. You save $56!

Other great examples are:

  • Health Check Plus List price: $611 | Your price: $132 | You save $590
  • Vitamin D List price: $232 | Your price: $89 | You save $174
  • STD Panel List price: $589 | Your price: $231 | You save $358