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Dr. Brady Hurst- The Expert Authority in Functional Medicine and Lab Testing

Educational Background

Dr. Hurst graduated from the Universtiy of North Carolina Greensboro with a degree in Neuropsychology. During his years there, he was apart of a research team that took participated in schizophrenia studies. One study Dr. Hurst worked on was even published in a major medical journal.

Doctor of Chiropractic

After undergraduate studies, Dr. Hurst enrolled in chiropractic college where he not only received his doctorate of Chiropractic but also completed a 2-year residency in clinical neurology with Dr. Michael Hall.

While working towards his doctorate, Dr. Hurst also attened many post-graduate seminars in the areas of neurology, nutrition, radiology, advanced diagnostics and laboratory analysis.

He has a board certified lincense by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and currently is the clinical director for TrueHealthLabs.com in Atlanta Georgia.

Post Graduate Education

Dr. Hurst continues to build his education by going to many seminars, building his expertise in many different health subjects such as thyroid, neurology/brain health, gut health, autoimmunity, Lyme disease, hormonal health, psychological conditions, and wellness.

With his activity on social media, Dr. Hurst has become a trusted influencer in the health field, helping people better understand the root cause of their health concerns. He is the author of many helpful health-related blog posts so make sure you check them out at drbradyhurst.com.


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